City Manager

Changing Forms of Government
The City Council made the determination at its February 23, 2012 meeting to change from a council / administrator form of government to a council / city manager form of government.

The city manager is responsible for executing the policies established by the City Council and for providing support and advice to the council. In addition, the city manager provides the leadership and advice as well as support to the department heads and fosters inter-agency cooperation and collaboration. The city manager is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the city's program and services. The city manager is also the essential connection between the policy planning process and the execution of that policy to bring it to reality.

Another key element of the city manager position is to connect with the citizens and businesses of the community, to be a liaison to develop a culture of openness with city government, and to provide information on the city and its services.

The city manager will serve in a leadership capacity, providing guidance and recommendations on policy and finance to the City Council to provide service to the citizens of Clearlake and serve as a liaison to other governing bodies to assure that resources are maximized.