The Clearlake Police Department is committed to providing quality service to the community by responding to emergency and non emergency calls for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The police department provides other professional law enforcement services as well including offender tracking and apprehension, crime deterrence, case investigation, evidence gathering, traffic enforcement and investigation, mutual aide to other law enforcement agencies and maintains order within the city limits of Clearlake.

The Clearlake Police Department is broken down into two divisions consisting of the Operations Division and the Support Services Division. Although Police Officers are authorized to enforce laws anywhere in the State of California, the Clearlake Police Patrol officers primarily patrol, enforce laws and investigate crime within the 10 square miles that encompass the City of Clearlake.

The Clearlake Police Patrol is overseen by the department operations commander, a Lieutenant directly under the Chief of Police. Patrol is supervised by four Sergeants who are charged with supervising 12 patrol officers and one reserve police officer. During 2012, the police department personnel were involved in 20,870 incidents, responded to 14,053 calls for service, authored 3,855 written reports and made 1,968 arrests.

In an effort to assist community members with problems in their neighborhoods, the city has been divided into problem oriented policing beats. Each of these beats has patrol officers assigned to them. The officers assigned to these areas are encouraged to meet with residents and discuss problems citizens are having in their neighborhoods and work in partnership to find a solution to the problem. In addition, Patrol officers are responsible for handling emergency and non emergency calls for service along with providing various traffic duties and enforcement throughout the city, Patrol Officers are generally the most visible personnel the Police department has.