Solid Waste Universal Service


 The City Council of the City of Clearlake will hold a public hearing on Thursday, August 10, 2017 at the Clearlake Council Chambers, 14050 Olympic Drive, Clearlake, beginning at 6:00 p.m. to consider a garbage collection service rate increase as proposed by Clearlake Waste Solutions, the City of Clearlake’s franchised solid waste hauler. The proposed rates are found at the link below. All current customers and those who will be required to use the service upon approval of the City’s Solid Waste Universal Service ordinance will be subject to payment of these rates. It is anticipated that the City Council will set these rates as the maximum rates allowed under their authority to set maximum collection rates as provided in City of Clearlake Municipal Code Section 11-3.13.

Important exemptions apply to the service requirement and include vacant undeveloped lots and vacation homes used exclusively by property owners. All property owners are encouraged to review the specific language of the Solid Waste Universal Service ordinance which can be found as a PDF at the link below or obtained from the City Clerk. 

Owners of property and customers served by Clearlake Waste Solutions may protest the proposed increase in fees by addressing the City Council at the public hearing or filing a written protest with the City Clerk at the above address. The written protest must identify the parcel served by address or APN (assessor’s parcel number) and be actually received (not postmarked) by the City Clerk, before or during the public hearing. Only one protest per parcel shall be counted for purposes of establishing a majority protest to the proposed fee increase. Please note that emailed protests will not be accepted.

For further information contact the Office of the City Clerk at (707) 994-8201 or Clearlake Waste Solutions at (707) 234-6404 during regular business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Prop 218 Notice - Solid Waste (Garbage) Collection Fee Increase

  1. What is this?  Due to increasing costs, the City’s franchised waste hauler, Clearlake Waste Solutions, has requested that the City allow an increase in collection fees.  The Franchise Agreement requires that the City Council approve such an increase.  Typically, the City Council can approve such an increase, but because of the pending requirement for Universal Service, Proposition 218 requires a 45 day notification period and a protest hearing.
  2. What will it cost?  The cost of the service will depend upon the size of the garbage container.  A typical 32 gallon cart will be $19.99 per month but a smaller 20 gallon cart can be had for $16.85 per month.
  3. When does it start?  The rates are in effect as of July 1st, 2017.  Universal Service is anticipated to begin in April, 2018.
  4. If I don’t currently have garbage collection service do I have to pay this? Only those households currently subscribed to solid waste collection service will be required to pay the fee increase until Universal Service is actually implemented.  Then all required subscribers will be subject to the rates.
  5. What if I don’t want this?  There is a protest hearing set for 6:00 p.m. on August 10th, 2017 at Clearlake City Hall, located at 14050 Olympic Drive in Clearlake.  You will need to either be present or send in a letter of protest.  Emails are not accepted.
  6. Do I have to have solid waste collection service?  The City Council approved the first reading of the Universal Solid Waste Collection Ordinance and has set the second reading for July 27th.  If it is approved at that meeting then there is a 30 day waiting period before it becomes effective.  It is anticipated that the Universal Service, if approved, would go into effect in April, 2018. 
  7. Why is this being required?  Universal solid waste collection is the standard in most cities and counties and Clearlake is behind in not implementing this.  Lakeport implemented universal service in 2011.  The State of CA is becoming much more stringent in their regulation of solid waste disposal and the City risks becoming non-compliant if we do not begin universal collection soon.
  8. What is included in the solid waste collection service?  Residential service includes a garbage cart, a recycling cart, and a yard waste cart.  These three carts are emptied once a week by the franchised hauler, Clearlake Waste Solutions.
  9. Are there exemptions?  There are a few exemptions to the Universal Solid Waste Collection ordinance.  Vacant parcels are exempt and properties that otherwise do not generate any solid waste can apply for an exemption.  Vacation homes that are not the primary residence of the owner and that is not rented or used by anyone but the owner is eligible for an exemption.
  10. I’m a renter, does this apply to me?  It does if you are the current subscriber to the solid waste collection service.  Once Universal Service is implemented, the property owner will be required to subscribe to the service.
  11. Why is the protest hearing after the July 1st rate increase?  Because the City does not yet require universal service, the July 1st rate increase is not subject to a protest hearing. However, the City has approved the first reading for universal service and has an obligation to set a maximum rate for service. This rate setting process is subject to the protest hearing which will be conducted on August 10th.