Clean Water Program

The City of Clearlake, County of Lake and the City of Lakeport, adopted the Lake County Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP).  As required by the Federal Clean Water Act, under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES Permit Program), the County’s three jurisdictions are required to maintain, implement, and enforce an effective SWMP.  The SWMP is designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants into Clear Lake and to enhance the water quality.

Stormwater runoff discharges into storm drain systems and carries increased amounts of sediment, nutrients, pesticides, salts, automotive fluids, oils and pet wastes into local surface waters. The increased pollutant loads of fine sediment particles and nutrients carried in urban runoff have been confirmed to be the major cause of degrading water quality.  The Clean Water Program works to control and reduce the discharge of fine sediment, nutrients, and other pollutants from private lands and City streets and facilities into our creeks and lake.  

In 2015, the City completed a Drainage Master Plan to provide a comprehensive review of drainage conditions within the City. The purpose was to develop an inventory of existing drainage system infrastructure and identify potential illicit discharge locations.   This data will be used to incorporate into both the City of Clearlake and County of Lake GIS.     

Please help to keep our creeks and lake clean -do your part, don’t wash mud, oil, trash, or other pollutants into the street or gutters. 

Clean Water Program         

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