How do I get a release for my vehicle if it was towed by the Police Department?
All impounded vehicles and recovered stolen vehicles require a vehicle release form. Vehicles towed by the police department will only be released to the registered owner. If you are not the registered owner, you will need to obtain a notarized letter authorizing release of the vehicle to you. The registered owner will need to identify you and the vehicle in the notarized letter. The letter must include your driver's license number, description of the car (make, model, year) and either the vehicle license plate number or vehicle identification (VIN) number.

The registered owner or authorized person picking up the car must have a valid driver's license or identification card issued by a State Department of Motor Vehicles. If you only have an identification card you must be accompanied by a person with a valid driver's license.

The Clearlake Police Department will not charge a fee to those persons retrieving a vehicle that has been stolen and recovered. There is a $100 release fee required for all stored and impounded vehicles due at the time of release in cash, exact change only. All towing and storage fees are payable to the towing company storing your vehicle. All registration fees on impounded and stored vehicles must be current prior to release.
The owner of a vehicle has the right to a post storage hearing at the Police Department.

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